Travelling at the Cave of Indonesia’ Figures are meditated


No have plan to go in the cave of place of Indonesia’ figures often meditate in the past. But, our planning appears when we have got up on gliding place, Gantole. In early morning, we are being confuse where we go after it. A minute later, one of our friends suggests to us, perhaps we can go to Langse Cave, then we agree her planning. However, all of us do not know where its location. Then, one of us is searching on Google map, where the cave’s location. A few minutes later, we get it.

Using motorcycle, we leave from gliding place to Langse cave about 2 hours by motorcycle. We arrive in a house where we park our motorcycles, and there we pay Rp. 5.000 as parking cost. Later, we go to Langse Cave with walking through a biggest garden for one hour. Then, we arrive on the street which is its wide only half meter. Besides, on the right the street is ravine which under are biggest stones, and on the left the street is mountain side.


When two my friends are passing small street carefully. You can look at under street right is sea


One of our friends thinks we might back, because she is afraid look at around the street. Because, many of us agree continue our travelling to the cave, so she agree too. We still go to the cave. Few meters at the straight street, we arrive at the dangerous street, must hold some roots which is bunched using old string, and walk carefully.

About 50 meter hold the string, we must use ladder to go down to the dangerous street. The ladder is highest, and some part of ladder are old. To restrain accident, we go down one by one carefully and hold in part of ladder. About half hour, finally we are able to pass it without among of us are accident.


 My friends expression when are being successful pass the ladder

After one half hour past the dangerous street, finally we arrive at Langse cave. Arriving in front of cave gate, we are welcomed by an old woman who has about 65-70 years old. Based on her information, Langse cave is ever used meditation by Some Indonesia’ figures, such as Sunan Kalijaga, Soekarno President (the first of Indonesia President), Soeharto President ( the second of Indonesia President), Diponegoro Price, and Sudirman General (the first general of Indonesia), even some legislative candidates often visit this place before general election.

Arriving into the cave, there are many kinds of flowers that are around the main room, and one of side cave is found small coconut, besides the room cave consist of main two room. Generally, the senior hermit meditate in its room, however, the junior hermit meditate outside the main room which is bright.


Addition, the cave looks mystic and dangerous are the wave are strongest, even according some fishermen said they are not brave to take their boats on side beach, because those will broke by waves.


This is my experience that unforgettable memory with six my friends for travelling the place of meditation of Indonesia’s figures. I get a point of this travelling that is brave to pass small street which make my adrenalin to be higher.


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