In eyes of Indonesia Students about English

English one of  important languages on the world which uses by many people to communicate to their friends who are different country with them. Several years ago in some metropolitan cities of  Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, and Medan), the language is only used by students or people who work in multinational companies. Meanwhile, the the Indonesia’ local societies who are outside of metropolitan city still use mother language or Bahasa to communicate each other generally. It is different with happen to Philippines or Indians, they use English in daily activities.

Although English is not official language in Indonesia. Many students right now are being seriously study English. It is effected many countries or companies offer scholarship to study to overseas. Even though, not easy to get the scholarship, because one of requirements of the companies or countries is the candidate of student who want receive the scholarship must have minimum of TOEFL(Test of English Foreign Language) score is 500.  Also, the test has 3 or 4 parts. They are listening, speaking or interview, reading and structure. For a lot students in Indonesia the test is not easy because it effects English is not language that they use every day. In addition, the language is not their mother tongue. Therefore, some students have been learning the language since they are in junior high school level.

Besides many college students are learning English and the other foreign language. The students learn English seriously because many companies giving one requirement can join in their company is able to speak or write English, even some companies have a requirement that an employer who want join to them must be able to speak Mandarin.

Therefore, many students learn English with many ways. Some of them are learning English are going to English course. In there they can learning some materials of English. The material generally are speaking, vocabulary, structure, and reading. Students can choose which material will be learned by them. In contrast, some students who haven’t money learn English with speak to western bravely who come to their country or they join some English courses that tuition is free. Those are some ways of Indonesia students to learn English. Although, few of them are not seriously study the language and think joining in the course to find a beautiful girl or new friend. However, it is done by some students, not all of them.


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